eSHa EXIT Anti whitespot treatment
eSHa EXIT treats all 'Spot' (Ich or Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) causing parasitic species. Symptoms: white spots on the body and fins, rubbing and scratching against hard objects. eSHa EXIT distinguishes itself from other products by also treating 'Velvet' disease (Oodinium pillularis). This is an advantage because the symptoms for both diseases are often confused. eSHa EXIT also treats less common Import spot (big white spots), Pepper spot, Black spot and Coarse Spot.

eSHa EXIT can be used in combination with 'eSHa 2000® - Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment' and/or with 'eSHa gdex® - against skinflukes, gillflukes and tapeworms'. This combination provides you with a broadly effective tool to treat most diseases you fish will encounter.

Retail Packaging: 20ml for 1000 litres / 265 US gallons / 220 UK gallons. Other Packaging: 180ml, 500ml.

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