eSHa MINAROLL Trace elements, vitamins & minerals
MINAROLL is a unique composition of trace elements, vitamins and minerals. It provides your fish with the quantities they need for a healthy life.

- Increases resistance against disease.
- Corrects vitamin deficiencies.
- Stimulates recovery from illness.
- Can be used in Tropical, Coldwater and Marine aquariums.
- Reduces fish stress.

MINAROLL is especially good for fish that do not have a natural food supply at their disposal. It also provides additional support for fish undergoing growth spurts, breeding or spawning.

Retail Packaging: 20ml for 2000 litres / 440 UK Gallons / 530 US gallons.
Wholesale Packaging: 180 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre.

For freshwater and marine use

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